25 Wash Test Piece November 2020

25 Wash Test Piece November 2020

BY Admin
April 2, 2021

A 25 Wash test piece, during which the quality of the linen we supply to our customers is tested for whiteness and brightness after multiple washes, was carried out in November 2020 by independent laundry auditors LTC Worldwide (www.ltcworldwide.com) and their findings were as follows.

We scored 93.3% (excellent) for the “whiteness reflectance” of our Cottons and 89.2% (excellent) for our Polycottons and we scored 96.5 (excellent) for the “brightness” of our Cottons. They also tested the same items for “Cycles to Failure”, which is to say the number of times we can expect each of them to be laundered before they fatigue and become unusable, and for this we scored greater than 200 Cycles.

In technical terms what this means is that “the ‘excellent’ results for Cotton and Polycotton reflectance show that soil is being suspended within the wash liquors”, whilst “the improvements to both Cotton and Polycotton brightness highlight that the OBAs (Optical Brightener Agents) present within the detergent formulations are being effective.”

The report concludes: “A set of results showing consistency and improvement when compared with the previous TP 2 result. The repeated “Excellent” results for Reflectance across both fabrics highlights that soil suspension continues to be achieved within the wash liquors thus preventing redeposition onto the textiles being processed. The previous “Good” Brightness result for Cotton has also been repeated with the Polycotton result declining to “Poor”. This Polycotton result has room for improvement should marketplace demands dictate, however these combined results will support Aberdeen producing textiles with a high standard of finished appearance.

Within the remaining results, the repeated >200 Cycles to Failure result shows that a commercial balance is being maintained between stain removal and prolonging linen life thus maximising the financial investments therein. This supported by effective rinsing and chemical neutralisation with the historically fluctuating Residual iron result remaining at its lower level and is worthy of monitoring within future TP’s.”

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