Your restaurant has been badly in need of a new Laundry Service for the longest time…

Your restaurant has been badly in need of a new Laundry Service for the longest time…

BY Admin
January 15, 2019

“Even though we might not admit it and might try to shake it off, our restaurant has been looking a little bit drab of late. The drapes don’t dazzle anymore, and I’ve seen diners fret over the stains on the table
wear. Plus, our customers don’t enjoy their food nearly as much when it’s being served on table cloths that are stained and faded.” In which case, it’s probably time for a new linen hire and laundry service to
pull out all the stops for you!

The hospitality industry relies primarily on making good impressions and first impressions count most of all! You might be serving the best haggis or haddock in town but if you don’t have eye-catching interiors
your business may well struggle. Every restauranteur and hotelier needs to pay careful attention to the linen that’s being used in their businesses.

From the table linen and curtains in your dining areas to the hand towels found in your washrooms a professional laundry service can play a major role in cementing your place in the minds of your guests by
guaranteeing you a thumbs up rather than a thumbs down. So, the best move you can possibly make is to hire a laundry service that not only offers sparkling white linen but also manages to keep you well stocked. Sometimes the quantity is as important as the quality!

Having poor quality items can leave a dent in your restaurant’s image, but, at the same time, running short of good quality linen will also ask questions of your business’ efficiency. Therefore, when hiring the services of a linen service provider in Aberdeen, Inverness or the Highland and Islands, you should opt or one that offers the best of both worlds by making sure you’re well stocked for your peak business periods as well as always having the best quality linen ready and waiting for your guests.

Along with the hiring of linen, the laundry service itself will, of course, be equally important for your business. The best suppliers understand the importance of timely and efficient laundry services for your dining rooms, staff and chefs’ uniforms, drapes, curtains and everything else in between. And they will do everything in their power to ensure that you have a dedicated and personalised service that caters to all your restaurant’s laundry needs.

Then, with the best possible laundry and linen hire service in place, you will have more time to manage your business and cater to the needs of your guests and more time to spend on those important jobs like scheduling, budgeting and planning, instead of worrying about your day-to-day laundry requirements.

So, gear up for a new linen hire service that understands your needs and is ready and willing to become your invaluable new linen and laundry partner!

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