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Vision and Strategy

Our vision

To be the best independent laundry service provider in Scotland.

Our strategy

Our strategy is focused on three key pillars:

1. Servicing a balanced Industry Segment and Services

This reduces our exposure to market fluctuations, enables us to select the best opportunities wherever they arise, and allows us to transfer expertise from one market and or service to another.Our strategy aims to service balanced industry sectors spread across hospitality sector, oil and gas services, retail and public and private sectors. We further aim to provide multiple services across the industry.

To support our organic growth, we consider acquisitions and strategic partnerships, which add to the depth of capabilities we can take to our customers, or enable us to enter new markets or geographical areas for existing service lines.

Our proactive management also involves ongoing assessment of our contracts and businesses for strategic fit, expected performance and risk -adjusted returns.

2. Driving improved service and margin

Underpinning our strategy is our ability to consistently deliver efficient and high-quality services across our customers. As we grow, we look for opportunities to provide our capabilities to a wider Scottish market, so that more of our capabilities are available to more of our customers.
Growth allows us to drive economies of scale, providing the opportunity to support our services.

3. Enhancing our people, systems and brand

Our people are our greatest asset, so getting our people strategy right is essential to meeting our strategic goals. Our people strategy therefore aims to drive the right behaviours, capabilities, structures and incentives. Our focus is on further developing our leaders, equipping our staff to deliver the very best to our customers and having employee engagement processes designed to make ALS a great place to work.

We also look to have the right information technology to support our business, and to actively manage our brand and reputation, which is increasingly important as we enter new markets.

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