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25 Wash Test Piece Results

A 25 Wash test piece, during which the quality of the linen we supply to our customers is tested for whiteness and brightness after multiple washes, was carried out in November 2017 by independent laundry auditors LTC Worldwide ( and their findings were as follows.

We scored 94.5% (excellent) for the “whiteness reflectance” of our Cottons and 90.4% (excellent) for our Polycottons and we scored 118 (excellent) for the “brightness” of our Cottons and 81.5 (average) for our Polycottons. They also tested the same items for “Cycles to Failure”, which is to say the number of times we can expect each of them to be laundered before they fatigue and become unusable, and for this we scored >200 Cycles.

In technical terms what this means is that “the ‘excellent’ results for Cotton and Polycotton reflectance […] show that soil is being suspended within the wash liquors”, whilst “the improvements to both Cotton and Polycotton brightness […] highlight that the OBAs (Optical Brightener Agents) present within the detergent formulations are being effective.”

The report concludes: “These results combined and continued will translate into ensuring ALS’s linen stocks are of a consistent appearance in the market place. These results have again been coupled with a Cycles to Failure result of >200 indicating the achievement of effective stain removal without compromising linen life, leading to the maximisation of any investments in linen stocks.”