When Laundry Service Means Some Real Serious Business…

When Laundry Service Means Some Real Serious Business…

BY Admin
June 1, 2018

Getting hold of your laundry basket in the morning, dropping it off at the nearby service centre on your way to work, driving back in the evening and picking up clean laundry had been a norm for many individuals. Still is! What is interesting to note is the growth in leaps and bounds of the laundry industry in the recent decade or so.

Gone are the days when laundry meant a local business trying to help you have clean linen at your business or spot-free clothes for your daily routine. It is all this and much more when it comes to the position scaled by the industry in terms of magnitude and diversity.

Today, there are industries that are dependent on the continuous supply of work uniform or linen for the smooth running of their businesses. The slightest of delays can tarnish the reputation and even halt the processes on altogether. It won’t be difficult to say that professional dry cleaning and laundry services have gained the stature of being an indispensable part of many industries, especially the hospitality and health care industry.

There are nation-wide popular businesses like Aberdeen Laundry Services that has toiled through the years to be a trusted name in the business. It is the sheer dedication and focus of these businesses that have taken the industry to where it is in the present times.

The Industries that Have Benefited the Most!

There are several industries that are dependent on professional laundry and dry cleaning services in the UK. Some of the top services that are availed by these industries include but are not limited to boiler suit dry cleaning (factory), worker uniform laundry (factory & workstations), guest dry cleaning & laundry (hospitality industry), repairs & alteration (wedding, fashion & apparel), linen hire (hospitality & healthcare) and much more. In short, there are diverse industries with varying needs of hiring a professional dry cleaning and laundry service on a recurring or a regular basis on contract.

The best part about a dry cleaning service is that it does not sleep… literally, they don’t take holidays. It’s not an off for them or a nightmare for your business. They have round-the-year services and professionals who have a dedication to serving your linen hire and dry cleaning needs in the best way possible!

Choosing the best Linen Hire or Dry Cleaning Expert in the UK

No matter which part of the United Kingdom you are living in, Edinburgh in Scotland or London in Great Britain, it’s your restaurant, hotel, a highway motel, boiler factory, local business or even a state-run entity that needs clean and fresh linen supply. You might not have a separate department or workforce to look into the dry cleaning needs of your employees or even your customers (guests) for that matter. How about a steady supply of clean linen for their dining area or housekeeping needs? So much and so more, is where the dry cleaning & laundry experts step in!

While hiring a professional dry cleaning & laundry company, ensure that they have years behind them. Every business does not grow in a year but counting on years and the referrals is usually a good idea. There are major dry cleaning players such as Aberdeen Laundry Services that have taken their business and their love for the job across the United Kingdom. Today, they have solid 10 years behind them and over 5 Million pieces produced during a year.

The important point to remember while hiring a professional laundry expert is to read their reviews and feedback online. One can find referrals from the local community or industries that they serve and also compare costs. Most importantly, one needs to look for value-added service. An extra set of supply does not help anyone, right… and anytime!

You can visit Aberdeen Laundry Services website sometime and explore the plethora of services that the company has on offer for its diverse clientele across the country.

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